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Behavioral Health — Inpatient

Helping to Reclaim your Life

Finding the right help in a time of need can be difficult and confusing. Behavioral Health at Adams Memorial Hospital has made that search easier by offering a comprehensive range of services as part of a coordinated health program. The Behavioral Health Center can make getting the help and support you need easy and comfortable. By calling or scheduling a consultation, we can begin to assess your needs and identify the best ways to help reclaim your life.
Our programs are flexible. The Behavioral Health Center can structure a program so that you and your treatment team can select treatment options, determine a course of care and set goals that are attainable as quickly and as safely as possible.
Behavioral Health Information Sheet

All services provided by Behavioral Health at AMH will follow the patient privacy policies of the hospital. Professional care will be given in a private atmosphere that respects your feelings and needs.


Depending upon individual needs, treatment recommendations can include: Inpatient Care Hospitalization is available to adults and senior adults. Treatment is provided in an intensive structure that provides psychological and medical stabilization to patients who are admitted with critical symptoms.


Adams Behavioral Health offers free confidential assessments 24 hours a day. If you or a loved one could benefit from our services, please call 260.724.4303 or toll free at 800.736.4303. Behavioral Health accepts physician referrals and will send a member of our trained staff to your physician’s office for a consultation for your privacy and convenience. Home consultations are also available.


- Suicidal Tendencies
- Depression/Sadness
- Stress/Anxiety
- Relationship Issues
- Grief/Loss
- Mood Swings
- Parenting Help
- Adolescent issues
- Substance Abuse
- Life Changes/Adjustments
- Anger Management
- Dementia
- Eating Disorders
- Schizophrenia


Adams Inpatient Behavioral Health provides a holistic team approach to treatment. Our experienced staff works together to provide each individual the care they need in a safe, secure and supportive environment. The AMH behavioral health team of professionals consists of psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and mental health technicians.


Adams Inpatient Behavioral Health is accredited by HFAP and licensed by the State of Indiana, Department of Mental Health. Behavioral Health is Medicare/ Medicaid certified and a preferred provider for many managed care and insurance plans.