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Dietary Services


Interesting facts about our Dietary Department

• Adams Woodcrest, Adams Evergreen, Adams Heritage combined serve over 500,000 meals a year.
• In the hospital alone we’ve produced 270,000 meals last year.

• Café Adams prepared 228,000 meals.
 • 625 meals a day
 • 150 meals at breakfast
 • 400 meals at lunch
 • 75 meals at dinner

• The dietary department serves 45,000 meals for in-patients and manufactures 70,000 snacks
• Our catering functions reach up to 200 people a year.
• The dietary department is inspected by the long term care division, the acute care division, and also by any other credentialing agencies, such as HFAP.
• In the last 8 years, we have had no State Board of Health infractions.
• There are 31 dietary associates both full and part time.
• The dietary department buys close to $500,000 of food and supplies a year.
All to please you!