Alicia Elliott, PMHCNS-BC

Alicia Elliott, PMHCNS-BC

Behavioral Health


Alicia enjoys running, swimming and biking, especially at races with her adult children. She also loves spending time with her five-year-old grandson and flower gardening.

Patient-Centered Care

Alicia is passionate about providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient needs and values and ensuring that these values guide care. It is important to Alicia to make her patients her partners. Alicia is a staunch advocate for the mentally ill.

Clinical Expertise

Alicia is a board-certified psychiatric mental health clinical nurse specialist. She has over 38 years of experience in psychiatric care, with her focus being on integrated care. For Behavioral Health, Alicia will be providing medication management for ages 18 and over.


Bachelor’s degree in nursing from USF
Master’s degree in nursing from IUPUI


Credentialed by the ANCC for Psychiatric Mental Health CNS
Member of ANA, APNA and CAPNI

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