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Senior Life Connections: The Geriatric Emotional Health Program


Seniors needing a helping hand to get their life back to normal have a new resource with the Senior Life Connections program recently started through the Adams Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Unit.
AMH Chief Nursing Officer Theresa Bradtmiller noted it is not uncommon for senior citizens to have symptoms such as being depressed, having unresolved grief, being anxious or nervous, fears of isolation or loneliness, anger, low self-esteem, personality changes, and difficulty in coping with physical or health changes. “Senior Life Connections is a helping hand for those who need to get their life back on track. Our trained professionals can offer the proper guidance and attention a person needs for an improved lifestyle as well as overall better health,” she said.
All services rendered are completely confidential and include group, individual, and family therapy as well as medication management for the patient. The care given to patients is coordinated with their primary care physician as well so the doctor can continue to work with the patient after the patient is done with the program. Currently, treatment is scheduled for three hours a day for three days a week. Bradtmiller said most patients are in treatment between six to 12 weeks and added “our goal is to help patients safely return to the optimal style of living. Senior Life Connections treatment fosters true healing and hope is just around the corner for our patients.”
Bradtmiller said problems dealt with in Senior Life Connections are not unique to just senior citizens. “Many problems like depression, anxiety, the loss of a loved one, and declining physical ability are not normal at any age,” she stressed. The treatment team for the Senior Life Connections includes a medical doctor, nurse, program director, primary therapist, and clerk and they all work together to benefit the patient, family members, and the family doctor.
A Senior Life Connections brochure quotes an anonymous former patient who said “Senior Life Connections has helped me so much in my life where I thought there was no help. They are great people who care, are concerned, are loving, and are always there for you. I have been in therapy before, but never like this.” For more information about how to seek guidance to cope with life’s challenges, people are encouraged to call 724-2145, ext. 13430.