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rehabilitation services

The rehabilitation department of Adams Memorial Hospital consists of the services of physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Together, we serve a population from children to seniors. Reasons for therapy services may include injury, illness, accidents, pre- and post-surgical care, inpatient, outpatient, home health, and skilled therapy needs. Services are provided at the hospital as well as satellite locations in Berne and Monroeville.

  • Medicare/Medicaid approved
  • Provider for many HMO's and PPO's
  • One-on-one treatment by experienced licensed therapists
  • Quality and personal treatment
  • Free and convenient parking
  • Eartly and late hours available
  • Certified Occupational Hearing Conservations
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Interactive Metronome Certified Providers
  • LSVT Certified Clinicians (Parkison's Treatment)
  • Lymphedema Rehabilitation Provider
  • SASTM Certified (intrument assisted massage)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Provider
  • Vital Stim Providers
  • WorkSTEPS© Provider

Our skilled therapists offer the community an experienced staff providing quality, personal, and convenient care. Our facility is small enough to provide personal attention and large enough to provide state of the art care. At Adams Memorial Hospital, you will never be treated as a number.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cerebal Palsy
Cognitive Deficits
Crush Injuries or Trauma
Dementia Assessment
Developmental Delay
Down Syndrome
Fine Motor Deficits
Muscle Stains, Tears, and Avulsions
Nerve Injuries
Neuromuscular Disease
Parkinsons Disease
Rheumatic Diseases
Sensory and/or Motor Disorders
Speech Delay
Sports Injuries
Tendon Injuries
Total Joint Replacement
Traumatic Brain Injuries
Urinary Incontinence
Voice Disorders

Our hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7am-7pm, Wednesday and Friday 7am-6pm. We have lunch appointments available. Our goal is to see a patient within 24-48 hours of receiving referral. We will see someone same day if we can. Outpatients must make an appointment. We provide daily to twice-daily treatment for hospital patients needing therapy care.

Visiting Hours

Family Members are encouraged to participate with and/or observe therapy treatments with consent of the patient.

physical therapy

Our physical therapists promote healing and wellness in order for the individual to quickly and safely return to maximal function. Physical therapists will also help you decrease and manage your pain, improve your postural awareness, prevent dysfunction, and help you develop a customized home exercise program.


A Hydroworx© Pool is available for treatment with a movable deck floor from 0-6 feet that is also a treadmill with speeds from .2 MPH to 8 MPH. The pool has resistance jets with massage hoses great for deep tissue massage following trherapy.


  • Joint Stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Balance difficulties
  • Back pain
  • Athletic injuries


  • Can limit weight bearing
  • Bouyancy of water makes standing easier for people with weakness
  • Warmth of water allows for more pain free exercise
  • Hydrostatic pressure can help reduce edema
  • Great core strengthening exercise
  • Water can be used for resistance
  • Underwater cameras allow the therapist to analyze gait patterns
Adaptive device training
Balance training
Custom foot orthotic inserts
Edema management
Energy conservation techniques
Establish customize home exercise program
Gait training
Joint protection
Lymphedema management
Dry needling
Mechanical traction
Neuromuscular re-education
Pre- and Post-op joint replacements
Scar management
Strength retraining
Therapeutic activities
Therapeutic exercises
Vestibular rehabilitation
Work conditioning
Wheelchair assessments
Application of physical modalities
Sports Medicine

occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists encourage individuals to live life to the fullest by promoting health and preventing or encouraging them to live better better with injury, illness, or disability. We have a holistic perspective with focusing on adapting the environment and/or the task to fit the patient.

Activites of Daily Living (ADL) retraining
Adaptive equipment training
Cognitive assessment
Cognitive/safety retraining
Coordination retraining
Custom molded upper extremity orthotics
Desensitization techinques
Edema management
Energy conservation techniques
Ergonomic or injury prevention training
Establish customized home exercise program
Fine motor and prehension activities
Home assessments to determine safety recommendations to increase independence
Joint protection
Manual therpay
Neuromuscular re-education
Scar management
Strength retraining
Therapeutic activities
Therapeutic exercises
Urinary incontinence program
Work conditioning
Wheelchair assessments
Application of physical modalities*
*Moist heat, cold packs, ultrasound, paraffin, fluidotherapy, iontopatches, or electrical simulation

speech therapy

Our Speech—Language Pathologists provide treatment, support, and care for adults and children who have difficulties with communictation, cognition, eating, drinking, and swallowing to restore, improve. or maintain optimal level of functioning and quality of life.

Apraxia of speech
Articulation and phonological delay (Sound errors)
Auditory processing
Cognitive/Linguistic deficits
Dementia testing
Dysphagia disorders: Behavioral feeding disorders and Swallowing disorders
Establish customized home exercise program
Executive functions: Memory, attention, reasoning, organizing, problem solving, safety/judgement
Language delays (Expressive and/or receptive)
Pragmatics/Social skills
Reading and written language
Voice disorders

Phone Number: 260-724-2145 ext. 11031

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Our employees make a difference in our community every day. We emphasize that all of our employees offer world class customer service because we believe that listening to our guests plays an integral part in their recovery. We also strongly believe in working together as a team and treating your fellow coworker with respect in order to ensure that our patients get the best healthcare that we can provide them.
visit our cafe

We serve delicious meals daily to our patients, employees, and community. We are located on the first floor of Adams Memorial Hospital and can be found by going straight after entering the Main Hospital Entrance. Below you will find our current menu being offered daily at the Café, along with our set menus for in-house patient Room Service. We are open every day from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

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