Anticoagulation Clinics

The Anticoagulation Clinics at Adams Memorial Hospital provide support and medical care to patients on blood-thinning medications, which are often used to prevent blood clots.

Anticoagulation Clinics

Being on blood-thinning medications can be stressful and overwhelming. Our pharmacy-directed team is dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy international normalized ratio (INR) and adapt to your customized daily care plan.

As a division of Adams Memorial Hospital, the anticoagulation clinics assist physicians in the management of patients prescribed warfarin therapy, more commonly known as Coumadin®. The anticoagulation clinics provide outpatient services, finger-stick blood testing and analysis and education in two comfortable and confidential settings. The Decatur location is on the first-floor lobby of Adams Memorial Hospital (across from the gift shop). The Berne location is inside the laboratory of the AMH Convenience Clinic on the lower level of Swiss Village.

The anticoagulation clinics provide services to patients who have been referred to the clinic by their physician. Once a physician sends a referral form to the clinic for a patient, the clinic will contact the patient to set up the initial appointment.

Anticoagulation Management Services Include:

  • Finger stick lab testing
  • Lab result analysis
  • Dosing and dosage adjustment
  • Patient education questions and answers
  • Follow-up appointment scheduling
  • Complimentary blood pressure monitoring
  • Medication review and education


HFAP pharmacists are licensed by the State of Indiana Board of Pharmacy.

Anticoagulation Clinic Information

Hours of Service:

Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday by appointment only. To schedule, please call 260-724-2145, ext. 11711.

Open Thursdays by appointment only. To schedule, please call 260-589-8811.


The AMH anticoagulation clinics’ services will continue to follow the patient privacy policies of Adams Memorial Hospital. We created the clinics with your privacy in mind and will always provide professional care and respect.

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