Weight Management

Our personalized weight management support program is designed to address your physical, nutritional and emotional needs. Each member of our team, including dieticians, physicians and educators, is committed to your success.

Weight Management

Healthy Lifestyle (Weight Loss Clinic)

Having a weight problem is much more than appearances and the way others perceive us. Obesity and being overweight are increasingly prevalent in the United States. Obesity is a serious disease that has at least 60 known complications and is known to shorten the life expectancy of adults ages 20 to 39 by eight years. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, depression, heart attacks and stroke are more likely to accompany the extra weight that causes this disease.

The state of Indiana is ranked 12th in the number of residents struggling with obesity. In fact, 33% of our adults, 18.5% of our teenagers and 14.3% of our children ages two to four suffer from this disease. Complications can be due to the hormones (more than the thyroid is involved) that cause metabolic problems, such as diabetes or kidney disorders. Mechanical complications can also occur, such as joint pains and snoring. But what few people talk about are the financial and psychological problems caused by obesity. Patients with obesity will have 42% more health care expenses than normal weight people.

The causes for obesity can be hard to pinpoint. So many people who try to lose weight are often frustrated because they seem to regain pounds as soon as they lose them. The truth is obesity is not resolved in a couple of weeks of intensive dieting or by running a marathon. While these activities may help, they are tiring and frustrating when you don’t see the results you want.

Obesity is very complex and sometimes requires a doctor’s care. We have a wonderful team who can assist you with wellness and overcoming obesity. At Adams, we offer the following services when you are ready to make a change:

Weight Management Services

Health Coaching

Health Coaching works with individuals by allowing change processes to occur by working with your mind to make desired changes, rather than working against it.  Health coaching is strategy-oriented and focuses on using personal strengths and environments to make changes easier. For more information about health coaching, call 260-724-2145, ext. 11036.

Healthē Habits for Living®

An intensive individualized lifestyle rehabilitation program with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle intervention, Healthē Habits for Living® provides a customized and unique solution to weight loss and other chronic diseases. Our mission is to train, coach and counsel individuals in appropriate and effective skills regarding exercise, basic nutrition and the mental strategies to achieve and maintain these changes for life. According to research, the MOST effective weight loss occurs through a high-intensity, comprehensive lifestyle intervention program such as the one found at Healthē Habits for Living®. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 260-724-2145, ext. 11031.

Dietician Services

Our dietician is a trained expert who can provide guidance on small food changes that make big differences. To make an appointment, call 260-724-2145, ext. 11115.

Diabetes Prevention and Education

Diabetes is a common complication of obesity. Education helps us prevent and control this disease. We offer diabetes and pre-diabetes classes as well as diabetes support groups. To make an appointment with our certified diabetes educator, call 260-724-2145, ext. 11107.

Behavioral Services

It is not in your head. Sometimes we need to learn how to control our impulses and overcome our limitations. Our trained providers can support you in your journey to meet your goals. To make an appointment with Behavioral Health, call 260-728-3906.

Medical Consultations

Adams offers an array of weight management services, and our primary care providers can tailor a program best suited for you. Many of our primary care physicians provide treatment for obesity and obesity complications in their offices. For more severe cases, medications or surgery may be required. Our team is here to guide you in discussing treatment with your primary care provider or specialist when needed. It is important to note that even a small amount of weight loss decreases your risk of health-related complications.

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