Notice of Privacy Practices

Adams is committed to protecting your health information and upholding your privacy. View the Adams Memorial Hospital Notice of Privacy Practices for more information, which also provides information for patient rights and responsibilities.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Standards for Privacy of Protected Health Information

According to the federal law entitled, “Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA), you have rights concerning the use of your patient information. Only people with a “need to know” may access, use, or release your patient information. Protected Health Information (PHI) may be released to other health care providers without authorization if it is necessary in the treatment, payment or health care operations involving the patient. PHI may also be released to public officials as permitted by state and federal laws. The release of PHI for use or disclosure outside treatment, payment or health care operations requires patient authorization.

To determine your wishes during your stay with us, you or your representative will be asked upon your initial registration:

  • Would you like to be included in the Facility Directory?

Answering “yes” allows staff to release your location and room number to family and visitors wishing to visit while you are a patient. Answering “yes” also allows the facility to deliver flowers, gifts, and cards sent during your stay.

  • Would you allow staff to relay your condition in one-word terms?

Answering “yes” allows our staff to relay to your family and visitors your condition in terms of good, fair, critical, or stable.

  • Would you like to be included in the Facility Clergy Directory?

Answering “yes” allows only your pastoral representative to obtain your location and room number for visitation.

When a patient answers “no” to any of these questions, that patient information will not be released to family or visitors. For more HIPAA Privacy Rights information, please refer to the Adams Memorial Hospital Joint Notice of Privacy Practices or the Patient Rights documents below.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As health care providers, Adams Memorial Hospital strives to protect the privacy rights of both our patients and our employees. Adams Memorial Hospital prohibits the use of personal electronic devices to photograph or video record patients and/or Adams Memorial Hospital employees. Adams Memorial Hospital reserves the right to ask a patient to stop photographing or recording patients and employees.

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