Alec Arturi, D.O.

Alec Arturi, D.O.

Primary Care


Dr. Arturi is a native of Detroit, MI. Therefore, he experiences the pain of being a Lions, Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers fan. He also loves Michigan State athletics and tries to catch as many games as possible. He has a beautiful family, and he enjoys spending most of his free time with them or playing video games to relieve the stress of being a Lions fan. If Dr. Arturi has any alone time outside, you can find him missing easy layups or walking/running with his dog.

Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Arturi tries to educate his patients on their disease processes, and he does his best to include them in the decision-making process at all steps. His goal is to treat every patient as if they were family/friends and to help them become as healthy as possible.

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Arturi is a Type I diabetic himself, so he is especially experienced in diabetes care and education. He has a wide range of skills, and he can care for patients from birth to end of life. Dr. Arturi can perform many procedures including dermatologic, orthopedic, gynecologic and others. He can also care for patients in the Emergency Department and inpatient units.

Medical School

Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine, East Lansing, MI


Valley Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV


Board Certified in Family Medicine

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