Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) can significantly improve the long-term health of your company’s workforce. Learn about the benefits of EAPs and how Adams Memorial Hospital can help you implement a program at your workplace.

Employee Assistance Program

Adams Behavioral Health can assist your company with developing a comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP). These programs are designed to address the personal needs of your associates that may be affecting their job performance, health and well-being. To learn more about our employee assistance program, please call 260-728-3906.

An employee assistance program is an employment benefit offered at no cost to employees. It provides support to help them resolve or manage problems that can interfere with their ability to perform their work.

To be effective, employees need to be aware of an EAP. Employers should inform their workforce of this benefit, so employees know they have access to it. Also, it’s important to assure employees that their EAP provider will keep all personal information strictly confidential.

Other benefits of an EAP:

  • Reduce poor performance: Mental health issues can cause loss of focus, careless mistakes and low motivation.
  • Improve productivity: Happy employees are productive employees. When productivity suffers, your business suffers.
  • Strengthen workplace morale: Individual mental health has an impact on workplace mental health.
  • Reduce absenteeism: EAPs can help reduce the number of sick days employees take and may even save companies money in health insurance in the long run.
  • Attract top talent: EAPs have come to be a symbol of how much an employer cares of their employees.

EAP providers emphasize that workers don’t necessarily need to have health issues to use an EAP – its purpose is to make their lives easier. Having this confidential support system to lean on can help mitigate the toll that stressful situations take on employee mental health.

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