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The Sleep Lab is conveniently located on the first floor of Adams Memorial Hospital. Our Sleep Lab focuses on comfort and provides a quiet, private setting for testing. All sleeping rooms are equipped with hotel-like amenities, including a television and a private bathroom. Patients are encouraged to bring their own pillow, pajamas, or other comfort items from home.

In preparatrion for your appointment please:

  • Avoid caffeine products such as coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate after 10 a.m.
  • Do not take any daytime naps prior to test
  • Bring any medication with you that you need to take at bedtime (the Sleep Lab does not have access to any medications)
  • Bring something comfortable to sleep in
  • Bring items you will need in the evening and morning such as a toothbrush and other toiletries, contact lens cases and solutiuons, and clothes
  • Do not use any products on your hair or skin after showering

Did you know that one in four American adults has some type of sleep issue? From fatigue and slowed reflexes to impaired mental acuity and even depression, lack of restful and restorative sleep can affect ecvery aspect of a person's life. If you are one of more than 100 million Americans who has trouble sleeping, help is closer than you may think. AMH Sleep Lab offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment of sleep related problems. Conditions treated include:


A person with sleeo apnea has periods when they briefly stop breathing. Episodes last at least 10 seconds and may occur anywhere from 5 to 50 times an hour. Sleep apnea is often associated with loud snoring, snorting, or even gasping breath. Because it interrupts normal sleep cycles, people with sleep apnea often experience daytime sleepiness, memory and other intellectual difficulties, and depression. It is estimated there are 25 million peoiple in the United Stated with some form of sleep apnea. If left untreated, sleep apnea can reesult in health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, irregular heart beats, and heart attack.


The disorder includes uncontrollable bouts of excessive sleepiness. Sufferers may fall asleep suddenly when updset, laughing, or performing routine tasks such as driving. In additon, they may experience vivid hallucinations during sleep.


Up to one-thid of the United States population experiences insomnia or difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. Symptoms include daytime sleepiness, fatigue, poor concentration, decreased alertness, muscle aches, depression, and an over-emotional state. Many people experience occasional insomnia due to stress, illness, temporary pain or disruption of sleep/wake cycles. When the problem continues long enough to interfere with daily life, consultation with a health care provider is needed. Health conditions such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, gastrointestinal disorders, pain, and congestive heart failure or emphysema can cause insomnia.


With this disorder, legs (and even arms) move involuntarily during sleep. Often, uncomfortable sensations in the legs leads to an irresistible need to move the legs, which prevents the person from falling asleep. Patients may complain of insomnia, excessive sleepiness, or both.


Children with problems such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and other sleep disorders can be diagnosed and treated at the AMH Sleep lab. The lab is alkso a resource for famniliexs with childsren who experience problems suchn as sleep-walkin, nightmares, and excessive snoring.


The Sleep Lab at Adams Memorial Hospital uses a variety of tests to identify the cause of nighttime sleeplessness or daytime drowsiness. All sleep studies must be ordered by a physician. Typically your primary care physician will order the test he or she feels is necessary. Specialists may also order a sleep study. Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to complete a questionairre about your problems sleeping, as well as your medical history. If possible, your spouse, or someone who is familiar with you sleeping patterns, should assist you in filling out the questionairre. Studies are offered five days a week and are covered by most private health insurers including Medicare. Available tests include:


This all-night study usesd to diagnose respiratory, neurological or physical issues that may be the sourse of a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. The tests are typically performed overnight and take less than eight hours. Electrodes and sensors monitor heart rate, body movement, respiratory patterns and oxygenation levels.


This daytime test, which consists of four to five nap tests throughout the day, is designed to determine the cause of fatigue that lasts even after eight hours of sleep.


If obstructive sleep apnea is diagnosed, the next step is often use of a CPAP device to deliver continuous pressurized air flow through a mask over the nose.

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