Adams Health Network Foundation

Generous hearts working together to support the health of Adams County.

Adams Health Network Foundation

Founded in 1978 by forward-thinking individuals to advocate for accessible, high-quality healthcare in Adams County, we continue to build upon their legacy. By supporting the Adams Health Network (AHN) Foundation, you are making a positive impact on the health of our community.

Located in Decatur, Indiana, our passion for healthcare goes beyond general services. We strive to always look for growth opportunities to provide the specialty care services Adams county needs. Through our supporters’ generosity, residents can continue to receive exceptional healthcare close to home.

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Inspiring, giving hearts for healthcare.


Empowering residents of Adams County and beyond to lead healthy, active lives.


As a result of the AHN annual golf outings, our foundation has generously awarded many healthcare scholarships for nearly a decade to Adams County healthcare and nursing students and has purchased new medical equipment for Adams Health Network. The foundation also has partnered with the Decatur Fire Department to provide a new cardiopulmonary patient monitoring system and improved testing for our firefighters.

Thank You to All Our Sponsors

Join Us and Cheerfully GIVE

At the Adams Health Network Foundation, we never underestimate the impact of those who cheerfully GIVE. Donating to our foundation supports the health of the Adams community. Those who GIVE promote our commitment to expanding everyone’s access to high-quality healthcare.

Our Values: To cheerfully GIVE:

Generosity of time and resources
Impact on the community
Visionary focus on well-being
Exceptional experiences

Donation Support Helps Our Community Thrive

We invite you to join our community of generosity. Your gifts are a representation of how we care for one another. Make a one-time donation or enroll in automatic monthly donations. Every dollar supports the needs of our growing community.

Donations made through the AHN Foundation are tax deductible.

  • $25 monthly donation = $300 yearly donation
  • $50 monthly donation= $600 yearly donation
  • $100 monthly donation = $1,200 yearly donation
  • $__ monthly donation x 12 = $___ your custom yearly donation amount

Checks should be made out to “AHN Foundation” and mailed to 1100 Mercer Avenue, Decatur, IN 46733.

Request a meeting with our executive director to discuss where your dollars can make the biggest impact by emailing her at

Grateful Patient Giving Program: Celebrating Excellence

Patients can share their gratitude for the excellent healthcare they received from our healthcare professionals and caregivers in Adams County.

Ways to share your gratitude:

  1. Donate in a healthcare professional’s honor to their department’s fund
    • Checks should be made out to “AHN Foundation” and mailed to 1100 Mercer Avenue, Decatur, IN 46733
  2. Share a story of excellent care

    Support the Foundation through the AHN Gift Shop or Volunteering

    All revenue generated by the AHN Gift Shop goes to the foundation to support the health and wellness of our community. We are always looking for additional volunteers!

    Please contact Kim Trombley for more information on Adams Health Network’s volunteering program at or call 260-724-2145, ext. 13062.

    Employee Giving Program: Compassionate Response

    AHN has formed a special philanthropy committee of compassionate employees who are instrumental in helping to identify internal employee needs when they arise. Our “Jeans Day” donation program is available to employees through our payroll deduction program.

    The funds collected from this program will support various community charitable organizations such as Unfailing Love Clinic, Kate’s Kart, Adams Wells Crisis Center, United Way and Love Inc., to name a few.

    Please contact Kim Trombley for more information regarding Adams Health Network’s giving program at or call 260-724-2145, ext. 13062.

    Executive Director Kim Trombley

    Kim joins the Adams Health Network Foundation with more than 10 years of progressive nonprofit leadership experience. She brings a passion for connecting individuals and organizations with resources to promote the health of the community.

    Kim received her Bachelor of Science from Ball State University and her Master of Science from the University of St. Francis. She brings a passion for mission work and community involvement in everything she does. AHN is honored to have Kim on our team. The foundation cannot thank her enough for her dedication to Adams County.

    Kim Trombley

    Impactful donations from employees and supporters who GIVE cheerfully, like you, make a difference in the lives of residents in Adams County. When you donate, your gift stays in the local community, uplifting the lives of those around you: neighbors, friends, coworkers and family.

    Contact the Adams Health Network Foundation for more information on ways to GIVE or how to make the biggest impact.

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