From advanced procedures to minimally invasive surgery, our skilled team of board-certified surgeons provide personalized care for inpatients and outpatients.


Each day, the surgeons of Adams Health are prepared to perform a range of procedures.

The surgeons of Adams Health apply their knowledge and expertise to help deliver better outcomes for every patient. Our surgeons are dedicated to delivering exceptional surgical outcomes with compassion and excellence. From outpatient procedures to complex surgeries, our surgeons utilize the latest advancements to ensure optimal outcomes for every patient. Leveraging state-of-the-art medical technology, including robot assisted surgery, our surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures with precision and accuracy, leading to shorter hospital stays and better outcomes.

Our Surgery Services

General Surgery

Includes appendectomy, breast cancer-related surgeries, colonoscopies, endoscopic procedures, gallbladder surgeries, hernia repairs, laparoscopic surgery and open procedures.


Includes joint replacement surgeries, bone and joint surgeries, arthroscopic surgeries (ACL, PCL and meniscus), rotator cuff procedures and many other minimally invasive treatments for arthritis and chronic tendon injuries.

Sports Medicine

Includes diagnostic ultrasound-guided procedures to diagnose sports-related injuries. Also includes minimally invasive procedures to treat muscle, orthopedic and nerve conditions.


Includes ablation, cervical cryosurgery, colposcopy, D&C, hysterectomy and hysteroscopy.


Include management of clinical problems associated with dysfunction of the pelvic floor, bladder, reproductive organs and bowels, among other surgeries. Also known as pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.

Robot Assisted Surgery

A modern surgical technique that utilizes robotic systems to assist surgeons in performing procedures. Robotic assisted surgery offers the advantages of faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays and increased precision.

Spinal Procedures

Includes steroid injections, kyphoplasty, spinal cord stimulators, radiofrequency ablation and diagnostic ultrasound-guided spine and musculoskeletal injections and procedures.

Regenerative Procedures

These treatments use your body’s stem cells to heal damaged tissues, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spinal discs and bones.


Includes surgical procedures aimed at treating conditions affecting the feet, ankles, and lower extremities.

Ophthalmic Surgery

Specialized cataract removal procedures by Dr. William Argus from Fort Wayne cataract and Glaucoma.

Meet the Team

Our experienced team offers cutting-edge procedures for a range of surgical needs. Our surgery department provides individualized care and education to you and your family throughout the process. From admission to discharge, we’re dedicated to your health and well-being. Our surgeons are here when you need them most. Get to know the experts who lead our surgery department.

If you are considering surgery, we encourage you to speak with your family physician about a referral to one of our surgeons.

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