Elliot Barger, LMHC-A

Staff Details

Staff Details


Elliot has worked for Adams Behavioral Health since 2022. Elliot is a native of Decatur, IN and enjoys various self-care activities like reading, listening to music, playing video games, and sports and his favorite food is pizza. Elliot is known for “kind of” knowing how to play a guitar!

Patient-Centered Care

Elliot believes each person contains the ability to heal and change within themselves. His goal as a counselor is to help an individual along on their path by providing a space which promotes the unique experience of the individual and facilitates change.

Clinical Expertise

Elliot has knowledge and experience working with adolescents, children, adults and couples.

Patient Quotes

“Elliot is a great listener.”

“Elliot is friendly and shows that he cares about me. He helps me understand my addiction better!”

“Elliot helps me think clearly.”

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