Sarah Cearns, LCSW, CADAC- V

Staff Details

  • Credentials Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor 5, 2021
    Rapid Resolution Therapy and The Cortina Method Trained
    Batterer's Intervention Provider
  • Location

    Adams Behavioral Health
    1401 N 13th Street
    Decatur, IN 46733

Staff Details


Sarah has worked for Adams Behavioral Health since 2016. Sarah is a native of Ohio but considers Indiana her home. Sarah loves big dogs, her twin boys, rain, Mockumentaries, dark chocolate, and even loves helping new therapists and social workers learn and grow. Interestingly, Sarah has visited India!

Patient-Centered Care

Sarah is eclectic and passionate about seeing each person as an individual and utilizing approaches that would best treat that individual person, whether it be a traditional approach or non-traditional approaches that show to be impactful. Sarah is dedicated to helping people heal, grow, and find beauty in the simple aspects of life, despite any challenges they face.

Clinical Expertise

Sarah has worked in many different settings with diverse populations. She has worked with all ages but her current expertise lies with adults. Sarah has worked in program development and inpatient mental health as well as with incarcerated individuals. Sarah works with an array of different struggles that include but not limited to depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addiction, anger management, shame and trauma.

Patient Quotes

“Sarah is receptive and understands me. She pushes me to go deeper into my issues.”

“I could never thank Sarah enough! She is truly amazing at everything she does! She has challenged me (in good ways) and has helped me more than I could have ever imagined!!!”

“I am so grateful for Sarah; I always leave feeling 10x better!”

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