Carrie Binegar, LMHC

Staff Details

Staff Details


Carrie has worked for Adams Behavioral Health since 2003. Carrie is a native of Decatur and enjoys spending time with her husband and their four boys, doing anything boys like to do such as 4-wheeling and sports. Carrie loves being outdoors and enjoys being from and living in a small-town community where people know people, help people, and lookout for people. Carrie loves that her foundation and faith can be freely lived and respected in all aspects of her life. She grew up on a small family farm and also lived and breathed lake life every summer, so she loves the smell of the tractors and lake waters.

Patient-Centered Care

Carrie utilizes strengths-based person centered, brain-based healing from trauma, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help the individuals served within her caseload.

Clinical Expertise

Carrie has treated older children up to seniors through their life challenges and transitions. Carrie enjoys seeing clients recognize their power to improve their lives and the relief they experience when they resolve the area of life they feel “stuck” in!

Patient Quotes

“Carrie does a great job using imagery and examples to help me reach my goals. She has helped me with many things like my depression/anxiety and through the loss and grief of my son.”

“Carrie’s communication and guidance will always positively affect my life!”

“Carrie has clear communication and validates my feelings.”

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