Dr. Robert Kinne Performs Innovative Procedures at Adams Memorial Hospital

Dr. Robert Kinne

Robert Kinne, MD
Interventional Spine/Pain Management
Sports Medicine Specialist
Regenerative Medicine

 At Adams Memorial Hospital, we’re always striving for innovative ways to help patients recover from injuries and manage pain. To help advance that goal, we’re pleased to welcome physician, Dr. Robert Kinne, who specializes sports medicine, spinal medicine, regenerative medicine and pain management. 

A graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Kinne is excited to continue practicing the Hoosier State, and he brings diverse medical experience, including pioneering work in alternative pain management and treatments. 

Dr. Kinne has nearly a decade of experience working with doctors nationwide. He completed his residency nearby at the University of Toledo College of Medicine, followed by Fellowships in Interventional Spine/Pain Medicine Fellowship and Sports Medicine in Provo, Utah. Those experiences have solidified his commitment to helping his patients restore their functions, recovery quickly, and return to their normal lives – all while using minimally invasive procedures. 

One of Dr. Kinne’s specialties is regenerative medicine, which is an alternative treatment to ease pain without surgery. By using a patient’s own cells, it is possible to heal injuries to tendons, spinal discs, bones and more. This is done by stimulating and increasing your body’s ability to heal itself and may include biologic cell therapy or platelet-rich plasma injections. These treatments can help ease pain and encourage healing, all without surgery. To help promote healing, patients are injected with their own bone marrow or platelet-rich plasma. 

In contrast to surgery, which can require anesthesia, pain medicine, and time in the hospital, regenerative therapy injections are done in-office and procedures typically take about an hour. Patients are often able to return to work the next day. 

This cutting-edge therapy can help patients recover from common injuries, such as back pain, neck pain and osteoarthritis of the knee, hip and shoulder, as well as typical sports injuries, including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and ligament and tendon injuries. 

Dr. Kinne is particularly passionate about helping athletes recover from their injuries and resume the games that they love, and his approach to pain management and healing emphasizes treatment over surgeries. In fact, Dr. Kinne says that 90 percent of sports injuries can be treated without surgery. 

Outside of work, Dr. Kinne enjoys sports himself. Baseball is one of his favorite sports and he is an assistant coach for Canterbury School of Northeast Indiana. 

We are thrilled to have Dr. Kinne as part of the Adams Memorial Hospital team, where he will work with Dr. Scott Colclasure & Dr. David Coats. Dr. Kinne will see patients at Adams Medical Group Orthopedics, Pain, & Sports Medicine Clinic on the first floor of Adams Memorial Hospital. He works closely with the hospital’s therapy department in their newly expanded rehabilitation department. 

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